How can I make a reservation?
We need you to contact us via phone, WhatsApp or email and tell us about yourself and the period of time you will be in Madrid. We select the best candidates for each flat to make sure everyone has the best experience in our flats. After this conversation, we will request a copy of your passport and a 1-month deposit in order to reserve your room. As soon as we receive proof of payment, your room will be reserved.

Is my reservation done after I send the proof of my payment?
Yes. When we receive the proof of your 1-month deposit payment, the reservation is completed (if there’s a bank fee, you will have to pay for it).

Do I lose my deposit if I leave the flat before my contract ends?
Yes, you will lose your deposit if you leave the flat before the end of your contract. We sign a contract with a period of time and breaking the contract will cause you losing the deposit.

How much is the deposit and how is it returned?
The deposit equals 1-month rent. After you leave, we will check the condition of your room and the flat, take back your set of keys and if everything is in the same condition as in your check in, you will receive your deposit back by bank transfer in a period of 15 days.

Can I use my deposit to pay the last month rent?
No. You will have to pay your rent every month. The deposit is only returned when you leave the flat.
Can I finish my contract in the middle of the month?
No. All contracts are signed until the last day of each month. If you leave some days earlier, you will still have to pay the whole month.

Does the price include all costs such as water, electricity, gas, WIFI internet, community fees and housekeeping of common areas?
Yes. ALL costs are included in the monthly rent. Also WIFI and housekeeping of common areas 3 times a week.

How does the common area cleaning service work?
The flats have a common area cleaning service 3 times a week, but this is only for maintenance. In the house rules, we demand everyone to wash their plates and kitchen utensils after each use. The same way, it is mandatory to be respectful and clean using and maintaining the common areas clean and tidy. The trash will be taken out by all the roommates.

*Not complying with these rules will result in deposit penalty and possible expulsion from the house.

What can I do if I have a maintenance problem?
Please inform the housekeeper about the problem. For emergencies, call us immediately at (+34) 636 419 418
Can I smoke inside the building?
No. Smoking is prohibited inside all the flats. You can’t smoke in your room nor balcony.

*Not complying with this rule will result in deposit penalty and possible expulsion from the house.

Is the kitchens fully equipped?
Yes. The kitchen have fridges, ceramic stove, microwave, cutlery, plates, washing machine, iron+board, vacuum, etc…

Does my room include pillow and sheets?
No. Your room will include a blanket, but the sheets and pillows will not be provided because these are very personal. The bed size is 90 cm x 1,90 cms.

How will my roommates will be?
Usually, 50% of them are Spanish and 50% international. Their ages will rank from 18 to 30 yrs old. The languages spoken in the flats are Spanish and English.

How can I visit the flat/s?
Please contact us by whatsapp or call us at (+34) 636 419 418 and we will schedule an appointment.